Mai Nguyen

As a consultant for one of the leading trend agencies in Paris, Mai has kept from her philosophy studies the taste for investigation, questioning, and desire to bring out meaning, coherence, and prospective vision, whatever the subject matter. She undertakes assignments for worldwide fashion brands and focuses on clarifying and revamping the identity for each collection. In between missions, she specialized in the identification and decoding of major societal trends that are analyzed through the lens of fashion, music, design, sociology, history or new technologies. With a strong natural curiosity, she likes to dissect her subject matter before immersing herself into the next, moving from the early days of hip-hop in Atlanta in the 70s to the study of Chopin's « nocturnes », from intensive running to yoga, from « all night long » in Paris to "early bed" holidays and travel backpacks. This Franco-Vietnamese woman raised in New York has cultivated her eclectic lifestyle since childhood. She tries to share with her two little girls her thirst for continuous discovery and excitement for newness.